A new project has been launched on “Diaspor TV”

3 April, 2024

A new project has been launched on “Diaspor TV”

“Diaspor TV”, the internet television of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, will broadcast a new program in Russian about the Azerbaijanis, contributing to protection of the interests of our country on the international arena. Well known historian-scientist and journalist Teymur Atayev is the author and presenter of the program titled “United we stand” (“Сила в единстве”).

The program will discuss new realities created by our compatriots on the global diaspora platform including the destruction of the myth of the “mighty Armenian diaspora” thanks to the coordinated activity of all representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora movement, regardless of their national and religious affiliation.

The guest of the first edition of the program is Zaur Sadigbayli, a lawyer living in France, representative of the Western Azerbaijan Community in France and Western Europe, chairman of “Protection of the heritage of Western Azerbaijanis in France” public association.

He will tell the audience about the activity of the Azerbaijani diaspora in France, as well as draw the attention of young people to key elements for a successful integration.

It should be noted that “Diaspor TV” has been operating since 2018. It broadcasts interviews with well-known diaspora representatives, news in several languages, promotional videos. The program “Homeland is not Far Away”(“Vətən uzaqda deyil”), a joint project of “Diaspor TV” with Public TV has been on air for 6 years.

The show can be viewed at the link below:



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