Mine terror violates human rights

12 June, 2024

Mine terror violates human rights

According to an Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated June 18, 2007, 18th June is celebrated as Human Rights Day.

This is one of the indicators of the current political will of the Azerbaijani state in the direction of ensuring human rights and freedoms, which has always been the most important issue of mankind.

In many periods of history Armenian terrorists violated the rights of Azerbaijanis, pursued a policy of deportation, murders and ethnic cleansing against our nation.

Unfortunately, Armenian terror continues after our glorious victory in the Patriotic War. The explosion of mines buried by the enemy both during the occupation and after the war, leads to serious injuries and to the loss of lives of a large number of civilians. Thus, their right to life and the right to health are taken away. Armenia continues to violate human rights by not issuing mine maps.

The Azerbaijani Diaspora constantly keeps mine terrorism on the agenda, draws the attention of the international community to this topic, issues statements, send letters and hold protest actions. In many countries they have already achieved condemnation of mine terror against Azerbaijan in various forms.

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