The Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora visited Azerbaijan Weekend School in Berlin

20 November, 2023

The Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora visited Azerbaijan Weekend School in Berlin

As a part of his visit to Germany, Fuad Muradov, Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, visited the new office of Azerbaijan Weekend School operating under the Azerbaijan Cultural House "Kharibulbul" in Berlin.

Firstly, the students of the Azerbaijan Weekend School sang State Anthem of Azerbaijan.

The director of the Azerbaijani Cultural House "Kharibulbul" and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Alliance of Azerbaijanis in Germany, Sevda Badaliouri, greeted the Chairman of the State Committee and provided detailed information about the activity of the school. She has noted that there are two groups for children of different ages in the Weekend school including a group for non-Azerbaijani speaking young.

"These young people are eager to learn the Azerbaijani language. We are very pleased that these young people show interest toward our native language"-told Sevda Badaliouri.

The Committee chairman observed the Azerbaijani language lessons. The students gave information about Azerbaijan and answered the questions about Homeland, sang songs and recited poems in mother tongue.

On behalf of the Committee, an Azerbaijani language textbook, various school supplies, Azerbaijani flags, publications glorifying our country were presented to weekend school. Parents told that their children come to school with great enthusiasm.

They expressed their gratitude to the committee for the support rendered to school.

The chairman of the Committee reminded that under the instructions of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan weekend Schools across the world operate more intensively nowadays. Activity of the weekend school in Berlin was highly appreciated, and gratitude was expressed to those, who send their children to Azerbaijan weekend school. It has been emphasized that necessary support will be provided for the improvement of the school infrastructure in the future.

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