A book album entitled “Azerbaijan: The Land of Multiculturalism” was presented in Finland

5 March, 2024

A book album entitled “Azerbaijan: The Land of Multiculturalism” was presented in Finland

A photo exhibition entitled "Azerbaijan: The Land of Multiculturalism"and presentation of the omonimo book album took place in Lippulaiva library of Espoo city.

The book has been published with the support of the Azerbaijan State Committee on Work with Diaspora.

Members of the local community, as well as communities having friendly attitude towards Azerbaijan and representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora living in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Nokia, and Vantaa, attended the event organized by the House of Azerbaijan in Helsinki.

Former director of the Espoo city library and head of the library's projects department, Jana Tyrni, hailed the richness of Azerbaijan's multicultural and tolerant values, noting that it has a special place among world cultures.

Jana Tyrni stressed that the local community welcomed the Azerbaijani Days.

In her speech, head of the House of Azerbaijan in Helsinki, Ulviyya Jabbarova, spoke about the influence of Azerbaijan's multicultural values on the Azerbaijani diaspora and shared her thoughts on the integration of our compatriots into the local society.

Etibar Jafarov briefed the attendees about the book and the history behind the displayed photos. He also praised the diversity of Azerbaijan's multiculturalism and national traditions.

Head of International Relations and Youth Affairs Department of Diaspora Committee with Diaspora Khidir Kazimov has emphasised that Azerbaijan is at the forefront among the countries that protect multicultural values in the world. It was mentioned that Azerbaijani Diaspora has a great responsibility in the matter of promoting these values.

Khidir Kazimov spoke about the state's support for the formation of different cultures in Azerbaijan, adding that the Azerbaijan State Committee on Work with Diaspora is ready to support the projects of the diaspora in this direction.

The book "Azerbaijan: The Land of Multiculturalism" was presented to the visitors. During the day, more than 100 people visited the photo exhibition.


Note that Helsinki's Oodi library and the Azerbaijan House operating in Finland also hosted a photo exhibition called "Azerbaijan: The Land of Multiculturalism". The event aroused great public interest.


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