Fabiana Ceyhan condemned Brazilian politician’s standpoint

11 May, 2023

Fabiana Ceyhan condemned Brazilian politician’s standpoint

Speaking at the Legislative Assembly, Gil Diniz, member of the Social Liberal Party, “friend” of the Armenian diaspora in Brazil, commented on the historical events related to the Ottoman Empire.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Turks regularly attacked the Armenians, told Gil Diniz. He did not hesitate to accuse Azerbaijan and has emphasized, that the people of Artsakh aer in danger.

President of the Brazilian Association of International Relations Fabiana Ceyhan condemned politician’s standpoint in her article. “The Turkish side was ready to open its archives for the investigation of the incident in question, and offered the Armenian side to open its archives, but the latter refused.”

Fabiana Ceyhan has noted that there are positive developments in Turkey-Armenia relations recently and Azerbaijan is taking serious steps to establish peace in the region, but Gil Diniz’s standpoint may overshadow the restoration of stability and confuse Brazilian society’s opinion. The importance of Brasilia’s support to the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations was one more time highlighted by the article. “History should be investigated by the historians, not politicians” – told Fabiana Ceyhan.

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