The US press wrote about Khojaly rally held in Vienna

2 March, 2023

The US press wrote about Khojaly rally held in Vienna

The Jewish Press, one of the largest Jewish newspapers of the USA, published an article entitled “I joined Azerbaijani Protestors in Vienna against UN Incompetence”.

Rachel Avraham, Founder and CEO of the Dona Gracia Center for Diplomacy, a well-known Israeli political scientist and journalist writes: “Hundreds of members of the Azerbaijani Diaspora gathered on Sunday outside the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria, to protest how the United Nations stood by and did nothing in the town of Khojaly in February 1992, as Armenians massacred 613 innocent Azerbaijani men, women, and children for the crime of being Azerbaijani.

 It was noted that that Russia and France played a great role in derailing the whole process. The victims of the Khojaly massacre can never be forgotten. Nothing can bring them back to life, but Azerbaijan gaining control over Karabakh and the end of the mandate of the Russian peacekeepers can lead to lasting peace in the South Caucuses. The fact is that Azerbaijan stopped Armenian terrorism.

She adds: “After the Holocaust, the UN sat by and watched the Rwandan Genocide, the Bosnian Genocide, the Khojaly massacre and so many other grave crimes against humanity, without raising a finger.”

“While the community of nations rushed to defend the people of Ukraine, the United Nations remained silent for thirty years as Armenia illegally occupied Karabakh and seven Azerbaijani districts. The UN has refused to try any of the perpetrators of the Khojaly massacre for war crimes at The Hague. This travesty must be brought to an end. Justice for Khojaly!”- the article says.

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