Moroccan journalists visited Aghdam, Askaran and Shusha

9 February, 2024

Moroccan journalists visited Aghdam, Askaran and Shusha

As a part of the visit to Azerbaijan, a group of Moroccan journalists visited the cities of Aghdam, Askeran and Shusha of the Karabakh economic region.

The delegation first visited Panahali Khan's "Imarat" complex, Juma Mosque and the remains of Agdam State Drama Theater in Agdam city, and witnessed acts of vandalism committed by Armenians.

The guests were given detailed information about the destruction of our historical monuments, restoration and reconstruction works carried out in accordance with the Master Plan of Aghdam.

Then the delegation headed to Askaran and inspected the mass grave discovered in this city and took pictures.

The guests visited central square of Shusha city, the shot statues of well-known Azerbaijani personalities Natavan, Bulbul and Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the Lower Govharaga Mosque, the Shusha Castle, and the Jidir Plain.

Aydin Karimov, special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in Shusha district, met with the guests in the building of Shusha district Executive Authority, and gave detailed information about the history of our ancient city, the acts of vandalism committed during the years of occupation, also about the restoration and reconstruction works carried out in the city. He also brought to the attention that at the 12th Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Islamic World, held in Doha, Qatar in 2023, Shusha was unanimously designated as the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World.

Then the questions of Moroccan journalists were answered.

It should be noted that the delegation includes Mohammed Aswab, editor of MAP agency, Anass Machloukh, editor of L'Opinion, Souhail Nhaili, editorial director of Le Matin newspaper Mahtat Rakas, director of publications of Al Bayane newspaper, La Vie Eco” newspaper director Fahd Iraqi, co-founder of the independent digital media outlet Le Desk Fatima Lghadiri, Yassine Majdi of the French-language weekly news magazine TelQuel, Bouchaib Brhadda, operator of the BBMTV online news channel, and freelance photographer Bahou Elhassan.

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