Canadian parliamentarian visited the districts of Jabrayil and Zangilan

14 September, 2023

Canadian parliamentarian visited the districts of Jabrayil and Zangilan

Within the the visit to Azerbaijan the Canadian delegation visited the districts of Jabrayil and Zangilan of the Karabakh region.

The program of the visit to Karabakh of the delegation consisting of Chandra Arya, member of the Canadian House of Commons, Ron East, publishing director of the influential Canadian Jewish media platform "" and Nigar Aliyeva, co-founder of the "Karabakh" Azerbaijani weekend school operating in Ottawa, started from the district of Jabrayil.

Canadian guests were very touched by the destruction they observed along the way until they reached the bridge of Khudafarin. They stressed that they realize well what kind of feelings such a scene evokes in Azerbaijanis who have been living here for 30 years and longed for their lands.

The guests took a commemorative photo against the background of the bridge of Khudafarin.

While in the village of Aghali in Zangila, the guests were provided with detailed information about the infrastructure of this residential area which was rebuilt based on the "smart village" concept. The guests who got familiarized with the conditions created in the kindergarten and school, were presented with selected literature samples for the purpose of enriching the worldview of the students.

The Canadian guests sitting behind the students' desks in the classrooms assessed the operation of such a school in the village of Ahgalı as a remarkable event and wished the teachers who answered all their questions, good luck in the new school year.

The meeting ended with taking a commemorative photo with the teaching staff.

The next destination visited by the guests in Aghali was the house of one of the villagers. Welcoming the foreign guests with hospitality and stressing that they are happy to return to their homeland, the hostess asked to convey to the Canadian public the desire of our people to live in peace and harmony, the peaceful efforts of the Azerbaijani state towards the normalization of the region.

It should be noted that the visit was carried out within the project of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora aimed at informing the international community with the facts of Azerbaijan.

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