The Canadian press writes about the plight of Jews in Armenia

30 March, 2023

The Canadian press writes about the plight of Jews in Armenia

The author of the article is Rachel Avraham, CEO of the Dona Gracia Center and editor of the Economic Peace Center.

“As the Jewish people gear up to celebrate Passover, they are reminded of the ancient Egyptian oppression, what it was life for the Jewish people to be slaves under the pharaohs, and every other instance throughout Jewish history, where the Jewish people were persecuted merely for being Jews.  In Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella very much feared the flourishing Jewish community. However, they did not choose to enslave the Jewish people. Instead, they decided to expel the Jewish community from Spain in 1492 and then subsequently wage the Spanish Inquisition”-says the article.

The article continues  describing the plight of Jews in Armenia: “Although in 1959 10,000 Jews lived in Armenia, less than 100 Jews live in Armenia today.  The widespread violence that accompanied the dissolution of the Soviet Union that included the ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis caused most of the Armenian Jewish community to leave.  According to the World Jewish Congress, there have been “manifestations of anti-Semitism” targeting the local Armenian Jewish community since the country has obtained independence.  The Holocaust Memorial in Yerevan has been desecrated on more than one occasion. Thus, as Jewish people prepare to celebrate Passover, we should never forget how more modern oppressors have targeted the Jewish people and the plight of other nations like the Azerbaijanis, who were targeted merely because they were Azerbaijanis and non-Christian.”   

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