Descendant of Iravan Khan arrived in Nakhchivan

16 August, 2023

Descendant of Iravan Khan arrived in Nakhchivan

State Committee on Work with Diaspora has invited Amir Ali Sardari, the heir of the Iravan Khan, to  Nakhchivan. He is scheduled to deliver speech at one of the panel disscusions to be held within the Fourth Summer Camp of Diaspora Youth-“Heydar Aliyev-100”.

On the first day of his trip, Amir Ali Sardari Iravani got acquainted with the remarkable sights of Nakhchivan: "I would like to thank the Committee for providing me with this opportunity. Being on the border with Irevan and gazing out toward Aghri Daghi mountain from Nakhchivan is the best gift for my birthday. I felt as if I was close to my ancestors. I cannot imagine that once my ancestors rode horses there and fought with their enemies. It feels good to be in Nakhchivan”, told Amir Ali Sardari.

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