‎ Azerbaijani folklore “Koroghlu the Hero” is published in USA

7 January, 2024

‎ Azerbaijani folklore “Koroghlu the Hero” is published in USA

As per insights of Esmira Bayramova, head of the Azerbaijani American Community of Florida, an active member of the community Darya Hodaei's latest work "Koroghlu the Hero" launched on the international solidarity day of World Azerbaijanis, immersing readers in an exploration of Azerbaijani culture and heritage.

"Koroghlu the Hero" delves into the legendary hero Koroghlu, weaving a narrative that traverses the Turkic regions. The introductory section highlights the widespread nature of Koroghlu across these regions, emphasizing the folklore's significance and influence. Revered in Turkish and Azerbaijani traditions, Koroghlu embodies timeless values of heroism, justice, and bravery. This publication is more than a tale; it's a dedicated effort to preserve and promote Azerbaijani culture, aligning with World Azerbaijani Solidarity Day.

Authored by Dr. Darya Hodaei, a pharmacist from South Azerbaijan residing in Miami, Florida, this book reflects her commitment to cultural preservation. Dr. Hodaei's previous works, including the adventurous "Jirtdan’s Halloween," and her establishment of the EnglishAzerbaijani platform showcase her multifaceted efforts in promoting multiculturalism and a deeper understanding of Azerbaijani Turkic language and culture.

The book provides a unique educational experience, introducing characters such as Koroghlu, his lover Nigar, and historical titles like Pasha and Khan that were popular among land rulers. Additionally, explanatory pages delve into Azerbaijani cultural elements, from Tekhte nerd to samovar, national attire, dances, and traditions. This intentional effort aims to familiarize young readers with the cultural richness of Azerbaijan.

Dr. Darya Hodaei firmly believes in the necessity of passing on cultural heritage. "The preservation of our cultural heritage is crucial for the uniqueness and pride of future generations," she asserts. Through "Koroghlu the Hero," her goal is to become a favorite among families, igniting love for Azerbaijani culture in the hearts of young readers.

The publication, "Koroghlu the Hero" is readily available on Amazon:


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