Albanian media reported about Armenia's baseless claims

The Albanian newspaper “Nacional” published an article entitled "Azerbaijan and Armenia in the second decade of the twentieth century."
The article written by Dr. Entela Mucho, head of the Albania-Azerbaijan Friendship, Science and Culture Association operating in this country focuses on the history of ancient Azerbaijan, the arrival of Armenians in Azerbaijan after the Turkmenchay Treaty, unfounded territorial claims, improper neighborhood policy with our country and the events of 1918.
“...They plunge their countries and governments into a labyrinth by occupying the territories of other countries to ensure their existence.
"By making baseless fantasies of a 'Greater Armenia', Armenians are cooperating with their supporters in order to harm the Azerbaijani people," he said.
It should be noted that, "Nacional" has a great reputation among Albanians living in Albania, Macedonia, the Balkans and the United States. It also publishes research articles by ethnic Albanian writers and publicists from those regions.