A solidarity action named "We All Stand with Azerbaijan!" was held in Canada

A solidarity action titled We All Stand with Azerbaijan!" was organized by the Support Center for Azerbaijani Women in Toronto, Canada.
A solidarity rally held in front of the Ontario Provincial Parliament with the participation of Azerbaijani women in Toronto strongly condemned the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenian aggressors for nearly 30 years, as well as the killing of civilians and children by the occupying Armenian army. Posters with slogans such as “Karabakh is Azerbaijan”, “Stop Armenian aggression!”, “Pray for Ganja”,“Stop Armenian terror!”, “Barda is outside the conflict zone ” were displayed during the action. Flowers were put and candles were lit in front of the photos of the victims of the Ganja and Barda terror.
At the end of the rally, a statement on behalf of Azerbaijani women in Ontario, as well as letters addressed to members of parliament were presented to Ted Arnot, a member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.