Representatives of well-known Turkish media outlets have been in the State Committee

Representatives of well-known Turkish media outlets are on a visit to Azerbaijan with the organization of the Association of Broadcasters of Anatolia and “Yeni Chagh” Media Group and with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Relatives Communities.
A delegation of Turkish journalists led by Sinan Burhan, head of the Anatolian Broadcasters Association and director of the “Millet” news agency, met with Fuad Muradov, chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, during their visit to Azerbaijan.
The chairman of the committee spoke about the fact that the Armenian armed forces repeatedly fired with heavy artillery at Ganja and Mingachevir cities, Tartar, Goranboy, Barda, Yevlakh, Aghdam, Agjabadi and other regions of Azerbaijan, targeting civilians and facilities. As well as, he gave detailed information about the protests of Azerbaijanis living abroad and the diasporas of Turkic-speaking countries against the provocations of the occupying Armenian army.
He noted that the brotherly country has always stood by Azerbaijan in all matters. He thanked the Turkish media representatives for their selflessness in covering the provocations of Armenia. The chairman of the committee added that journalists and major media outlets of the brotherly country have important contacts and can play a leading role in conveying the true nature of the conflict to the international media.
Then the questions of Turkish journalists on the Karabakh conflict, the events on the frontline, the right position of Azerbaijan were answered.