The slogan “Karabakh is Azerbaijan” was raised at the rally of the US President

At the initiative of the Azerbaijani community living in the Pennsylvania State of the USA, slogans in support of the fair position of our country were raised at the rally attended by President Donald Trump.
Tural Bagirzade, a resident of Pittsburgh, said that Americans of Azerbaijani descent also participated in the rally held at Erie International Airport as part of the US presidential election campaign. During the rally, our compatriots waved the flags of Azerbaijan and the United States, drawing attention to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the ongoing war in Azerbaijan, and called on President Donald Trump to show an objective position.
Our compatriots raised slogans such as "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "Los Angeles is not Armenia- America, Karabakh is not Armenia-Azerbaijan!", "Azerbaijani community supports Trump!", "Stop killing civilians in Azerbaijan!".
It should be noted that, the demands of Azerbaijanis were also covered in the news broadcasted on local TV channels about the rally.