An article entitled "Karabakh: justice of revenge" was published on the internet portal "Vestnik Kavkaza"

On October 19, the “Vestnik Kavkaza” Internet portal published an article entitled "Karabakh: Justice for Revenge" authored by Azerbaijani diplomat, Knight of the Legion of Honor Ramiz Abutalibov. Describing the beauty of the Karabakh land, the author recalls the atrocities committed by the Armenian occupiers against the civilian population: “.... About thirty years ago, civilians, babies, the elderly, pregnant women had to leave their ancestral lands as a result of pressure from armed groups calling themselves neighbors ... “How many of them are left in these mountain passes from the destroyed Khojaly? Can callous figures describe this pain? "Karabakh mugam is our cry" ...article says.
Although some intellectuals in the West thought that the Karabakh issue was closed, the Azerbaijani armed forces, armed with modern weapons, began to write a new history in the region with successful counter-terrorist operations led by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.
The author notes that justice will be restored and everyone will be held accountable for their actions. The article ends with these words: "Karabakh dynamite" has exploded, and Yerevan will have to collect its fragments.
The full text of the article is available at this link: