An article entitled "Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict and international law" was published in the press of France

The article interpretes the historical chronology of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the obligations arising from international law in this area. It is said that since the 1990s, numerous international resolutions have been adopted to resolve the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia:

1. UN Security Council Resolution 874, adopted at its 3292nd meeting on 14 October 1993:

2. UN Security Council Resolution 853, adopted at its 3259th meeting on 29 July 1993:

3. Security Council Resolution 822, adopted at its 3205th meeting on 30 April 1993:

4. Resolution No. 884 adopted at the 3313th meeting of the Security Council on the occupation of the Zangilan region and the city of Horadiz of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

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