Video for support to the Motherland from the Azerbaijani athlete of the national team of Turkey Ramil Guliyev

Ramil Guliyev, who is originally from Azerbaijan and currently is the first athlete of the Turkish national team to win a gold medal, shared a video in protest of the next military provocation of the occupying Armenian army against the positions of Azerbaijan along the frontline, civilian objects and individuals. It is stated in the video: “We, Azerbaijanis have been longing for the return of our lands for 30 years. Now we must use our most natural right of self-defense to liberate our lands from occupation. This is a fight for truth. This road is the truth road. I believe that our country will win at the end of the road. " He added: "Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan. Two souls in one body, long live Turkey-Azerbaijan."