France was required to take a fair position

The Association of Friends of Azerbaijan in Paris, France has strongly condemned the launch of large-scale military operations by the Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijani lands.
A statement signed by Jean-Francois Mancel, President of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan and Honorary MP, says that Azerbaijan protects its rights and this situation is the result of the inertia of the international community: "Armenia, which occupied Nagorno-Karabakh in violation of international law and UN resolutions, has once again committed provocations and serious clashes have taken place. Unfortunately, this situation, is the result of the inertia of the international community, which has never been able to offer a solution in accordance with international law after taking control of the conflict ".
It was noted that the Association has been saying for many years that the conflict should not be frozen and that the territories occupied by Armenia should be liberated. “If no measures are taken in this direction, new tragedies will happen. France must express its position on this issue. "