STATEMENT of Azerbaijanis living abroad

We, Azerbaijanis living abroad and Azerbaijani diaspora organizations, declare with regret that, at around 6 AM on September 27, 2020, the Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire and intensively fired on the positions of the Azerbaijani Army in the frontline using large caliber machine guns and sniper rifles. Opening fire on the civilians densely populated in the front-line areas and civil facilities is another deliberate and targeted provocation by the Armenian armed forces. As a result of the provocation of Armenian invasive forces, there are casualties among the civilian population and servicemen of Azerbaijan. Many houses and civil facilities were severely damaged.
Deliberate targeting of civilians is a gross violation of international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions of 1949. In general, the Khojaly genocide committed in February 1992 and the Tovuz provocation happened in July 2020, when the world was fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, are clear examples of targeting civilians by the Armenian armed forces
Despite the ongoing General Debate at the UN General Assembly's 75th Session and the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Armenia one more time showed disregard to international law, UN Regulations and international community.
The provocation of the Armenian armed forces on the state border with Azerbaijan in the direction of the Tovuz region once again showed the world that Armenians are aggressor. The US Congress also characterized Armenia as an aggressor country. After all, Armenia is conducting the policy of illegal settlements in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan violating the requirements of the Geneva Convention and international law. Terrorists from different countries, such as Lebanon and Syria, are concentrated in the occupied territories.
Not implementing UN Security Council Resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884, UN General Assembly resolutions on the "Situation in the Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan" adopted in 2006 and 2008, and ignoring the appeals of the UN and WHO and other influential international organizations regarding the current pandemic, as well as the norms and principles of international law, Armenia's continues provocative actions. Thus, Armenia grossly violates fundamental human rights, including the right to life, by creating more dangerous situation in the region. These should be condemned by the international organizations and Armenia should stop aggression immediately.
We call on the world community and international organizations to influence the Armenian state to stop its aggressive policy and immediately liberate the occupied Azerbaijani territories, and to ensure that the Armenian government complies with international law and norms.


1. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in Germany
2. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in France
3. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in Switzerland
4. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in the Netherlands-Belgium
5. Coordination Council of Scandinavian Azerbaijanis (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
6. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in Italia (Malta)
7. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in Spain
8. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis living in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)
9. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in Poland
10. Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in the Eastern Europe (Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Slovakia)
11. Board of the Coordination Council of American Azerbaijanis

12. Union of Azerbaijanis in Austria- Farid Azizov
13. “Azer Der” Society- Yardim Gunesh.

14. AZIZ- Lev Spivak
15. Azerbaijani House in Israel

16. Integration Center of Georgian Azerbaijanis
17. “Borchali Ireli” Public Union
18. Azerbaijan Culture Museum named after Mirza Fatali Akhundov
19. Cultural Center of Azerbaijani Schoolchildren living in Georgia
20. Azerbaijani Lawyers Association in Georgia
21. Council of Elders of Georgian Azerbaijanis

22. "Rada of Ukraine Azerbaijanis"

23. "Congress of Moldovan Azerbaijanis "

24. “Community of Moscow Azerbaijanis”
25. “Azerbaijan-Ural” Public Organization
26. Arkhangelsk regional organization of "Azerbaijan Diaspora"
27. "Congress of Azerbaijanis" of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
28. Confederation of Diaspora Organizations of Russian Azerbaijanis
29. National-Cultural Autonomy of Perm Azerbaijanis
30. National-Cultural Autonomy of St. Petersburg Azerbaijanis
31. “Dostlug” Azerbaijan Primorye public organization
32. “League of Azerbaijanis of Samara Region”

33. "Association of Azerbaijanis" Republican Public Union
34. Chairman of the Azerbaijani community "Birlik"
35. “Namus” Azerbaijan National-Cultural Center
36. "Ozan" Almaty city Azerbaijanis Society
37. "Turan" Congress of Azerbaijanis Republican Public Union
38. “Novruz” Azerbaijan Ethno-Cultural Culture Center
39. “Ata Yurd-Nomad” Azerbaijan Ethnocultural Republican Public Union
40. "Turkestan region" Karabakh "Azerbaijan Ethnocultural Union"
41. Chairman of the "Heydar" Youth Union
42. “Khazar” Azerbaijan ethnocultural association
43. "Nasimi" Azerbaijan Cultural Center in "New Road" village
44. "Heydar" Charity Society
45. Chairman of "Azbirlik" Ethno-cultural Union
46. “Dostlug” Azerbaijan Ethno-Cultural Union
47. “Dostlug” Azerbaijan Central Public Union
48. “Novruz” Azerbaijan Cultural Center
49. Head of "Turkestan Region Azerbaijan Cultural Center"
50. “Nakhchivan” Azerbaijani ethnocultural center” public association
51. “Birlik” National-Educational Society
52. “Azerbaijan ethno-cultural union” Public Union of Eastern Kazakhstan region
53. “Mehriban” Azerbaijani Central Ethno-Cultural Union
54. “Arzu” Azerbaijan Ethno-cultural Public Union
55. “Yasemen” Azerbaijan Ethno-Cultural Center

56. Republican Azerbaijan National Cultural Center

57. “Azeri” Public Union

58. Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation
59. New Azerbaijan Assistance and Culture Association
60. Istanbul Turkey- Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
61. Azerbaijan Education and Culture Association
62. Bursa Azerbaijan Cultural Association
63. Eskishehir Azerbaijanis Association
64. Young Azerbaijanis Association
65. Kojaeli Deringe Azerbaijani House Association
66. Union of Azerbaijani Businessmen in Turkey
67. Kars Azerbaijani House Association
68. Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Associations Federation
69. TADDEF-Ankara Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
70. “Jan Azerbaijan” Media Company
71. Manisa Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
72. Igdir - Azerbaijan Language, History and Culture Community Survival and Support Association
73. Turkey-Azerbaijan Association (TURKAZDER)
74. Turkey- Azerbaijan Friendship Associations Federation, Igdir Azerbaijani House
75. Adana Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
76. Adana Azerbaijan Business and Professional Women's Association
77. Antalya Azerbaijani House Association
78. Antalya Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
79. Izmir Azerbaijan Brotherhood and Solidarity Association
80. Izmir- Azerbaijan Culture House and Solidarity Association
81. Izmir Azerbaijani Women's Cultural Center Association
82. "Chaghdash" Azerbaijan Cultural Association
83. Edirne Azerbaijani House Association
84. Turkey- Azerbaijan Association (TURKAZDER) Igdir branch
85. Istanbul Azerbaijan Culture House
86. Federation of Azerbaijani Turks and Friendly Associations
87. Turgutlu Azerbaijan Cultural Association
88. Ankara Azerbaijani House Association
89. Amasya Azerbaijani Turks Culture, Art and Solidarity Association
90. Azerbaijan Language, History and Culture Research Center
91. Azerbaijani Medical Association
92. Istanbul-Azerbaijan Friendship Association
93. "Buta" Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Azerbaijani Culture
94. World Azerbaijanis Writers and Media Association
95. Istanbul-Azerbaijan Teletheater
96. Azerbaijan Culture, Education and Solidarity Association
97. Head of "Khazar" Azerbaijan Folk Dance Association
98. “Khazar” Folklore Education and Research Center
99. Anka Azerbaijan Dance and Art Club
100. Istanbul University, Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Union
101. Araz “Dogha” Sports and Culture Club Association
102. Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint National Thought Association
103. Trabzon -Azerbaijan Education, Culture and Solidarity Club
104. Azerbaijan school named after Heydar Aliyev
105. Chairman of the Azerbaijan Education, Culture and Social Solidarity Association
106. School named after Huseyn Javid under the association
107. School named after the National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mubariz Ibrahimov
108. Balikesir Azerbaijani House Association
109. Chanakkale Azerbaijani House Association
110. Amasya Azerbaijani Cultural Association
111. Amasya Azerbaijani Turks Cultural Arts and Solidarity Association
112. Samsun Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association
113. "Friendship of Peoples of Azerbaijan" Association
114. Ankara Solidarity Association of Azerbaijani Youth
115. Azerbaijan National Dance and Culture Association
116. “Mubariz” Cultural Education and Social Assistance Association
117. Istanbul Movement of Azerbaijani Youth
118. Istanbul University Azerbaijan- Turkey Brotherhood and Solidarity Society
119. Jalal Bayar University, Manisa Azerbaijani Students Association
120. Bursa Uludag University, Azerbaijan Art and Culture Union
121. Duzge University Turkish World Community
122. Zonguldak Bulent Ejevit University, Azerbaijan Cultural Society
123. Azerbaijan Youth Organization (Bardin)
124. Istanbul Solidarity of Azerbaijani Youth - AGİH
125. Konya Azerbaijani Students Union
126. Sakarya University, Azerbaijan-Turkey Brotherhood Union
127. Chairman of the Manisa Azerbaijani Students' Union
128. Chairman of the Kojaeli Azerbaijani Students' Union
129. Kars Azerbaijan Caucasian Cultures and Solidarity Association
130. Kayseri Azerbaijani Students Union
131. Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Azerbaijani Student Union
132. Mughla University, Azerbaijan Society of Culture and Solidarity
133. Kastomonu Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Society
134. Konya Azerbaijani Students Union
135. Erzurum Azerbaijani Students Union
136. Bursa Uludag University, Azerbaijan Culture and Art Union

137. Australia-Azerbaijan Turkish Friendship Union
138. Australia-Azerbaijan Association

139. Chairman of the “Azeri” Azerbaijan -New Zealand Friendship Society

140. “Vatanparvar” - Union of Azerbaijani Diaspora Organizations in Egypt
141. Azerbaijanis living in the Sultanate of Oman
142. Azerbaijanis living in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
143. Azerbaijanis living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
144. Azerbaijanis living in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

145. Azerbaijanis living in the People's Republic of China

146. Azerbaijanis living in the Kingdom of Thailand