An exhibition of Ukrainian artists has been organized at the Azerbaijan Culture Center in Estonia

An exhibition of artists Dmitry and Nina Dobrovolsky has opened at the Azerbaijan Culture Center in Tallinn, Estonia.
The opening ceremony, organized with the support of the Fund for Support to Azerbaijani Diaspora, was attended by representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the diplomatic corps, the media, representatives of Azerbaijan and other communities.
Chairman of the Estonia- Azerbaijan Culture Center Niyazi Hajiyev and head of the Azerbaijani House in Estonia Zahra Gahramanli opened the event and greeted the guests. Niyazi Hajiyev said that the event was dedicated to the Peoples Day in Estonia. "32 years ago, the Estonia People's Forum established the Day of National Minorities in Estonia. One of the founders of the forum was the Azerbaijani community in Estonia. It is symbolic that we have organized an exhibition of works by our Ukrainian artist friends Dmitry and Nina Dobrovolsky as part of the Estonia People's Day. In the gloomy climate of Estonia, their works give us warmth and sunshine. "When you look at the works, you feel yourself in sunny Azerbaijan and Ukraine," he said.
Dmitry and Nina Dobrovolski thanked the Azerbaijan Culture Center and the Azerbaijani House for organizing the exhibition. They said that their first exhibitions were organized this year. Because, the exhibitions due to the pandemic in a number of countries have been postponed. "That is why we are very grateful to the Azerbaijan Culture Center and the Azerbaijani House. We decided to exhibit our best works. We have exhibited our works painted in 2018-2020, "Dobrovolsky added.
It should be noted that, Dmitry and Nina Dobrovolsky moved from Ukraine to Estonia a few years ago. Dmitry Dobrovolsky is a student of the Kiev National Academy of Fine Arts, Nina Dobrovolskaya is a student of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Their works are displayed in museums in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Estonia, France, Finland and other countries.
The event was widely covered by the Estonian media.