An Azerbaijani weekend school named after Nizami Ganjavi has opened in Oslo

An Azerbaijani school named after Nizami Ganjavi has opened in Oslo, Norway.
The project was initiated by Ramil Aliyev, head of the Norway Azerbaijanis Youth Organization (NAYO), the Azerbaijani House in Oslo, and the coordinator of the Coordination Council of Scandinavian Azerbaijanis.
The opening ceremony was attended by members of the Azerbaijani community in Norway, teachers and parents. Ramil Aliyev, Azerbaijani language course teacher Arzu Rzayeva and parent Khalil Alvani spoke at the event. The speakers congratulated the students and parents on this event, which is of great importance in the life of the Azerbaijani community, and stressed the importance of learning the native language by every compatriot living abroad, especially our children.
At the event, students were given detailed information about the program of the Azerbaijani language course.
It should be noted that at the initial stage, 12 students are expected to study at the school.