The project "For the Motherland" was realized with the participation of our compatriots

The "For the Motherland" project dedicated to Azerbaijan has been implemented with the participation of Azerbaijanis living abroad.
45 compatriots living in Azerbaijan, USA, Canada, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Egypt and other countries took part in the project organized by “Imza” Social Development Support Public Union. They brought to the attention of the audience the work "Soldier's Anthem" performed by Shamistan Alizamanli (music by Yashar Bakhish, lyrics by Jalal Gurbanov) with special gestures. The plot includes footage of the statement “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” by the President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, reflecting the courage of the Azerbaijani Army. Thus, our compatriots have demonstrated that they support independent Azerbaijani state and are proud of every success of the country.
Member of the Coordination Council of Netherlands-Belgium Azerbaijanis, head of the “International Club of Azerbaijani Women” Kamala Jeylinova expressed deep gratitude to everyone involved in the project.
You can read more about it at the following link: http://www.haber.nl/sosyal-kalkinmayi-destekleme-halk-birliginin-anavatan-icin-projesi-gerceklestirildi/