“Karabakh” Sports Club will cooperate with “NextGen” Football Academy

Issues related to future cooperation between the “Karabakh” Sports Club in Rotterdam and the Netherlands’ “NextGen” Football Academy were discussed.
Chairman of the Benelux Azerbaijanis Congress, head of the “Karabakh” sports club Elsevar Mammadov said that the discussions took place during the visit of members of the “NextGen” Football Academy to the “Karabakh” sports club.
The head of the academy Janer Yalamoghlu, head coach Lukas Kok, coach Yassine Belgar noted that “NextGen” Football Academy is interested in cooperation with the “Karabakh” sports club and is ready to provide the necessary technical and tactical support. The training of 6-11-year-old athletes of the “Karabakh” club was praised, and it was expressed confidence that the club will soon take one of the first places among sports schools in the Netherlands. Most of the athletes who trained at the academy later played for a number of well-known Netherlands clubs, including “Feyenoord”, “Sparta”, “PSV” and “Excelsior” and others.
Giving detailed information about the “Karabakh” club, Elsevar Mammadov thanked the leaders and coaches of the Academy for their suggestions and support. He told the guests about the realities of Azerbaijan and why the club is called "Karabakh", emphasizing the need to further strengthen cooperation with other sports centers.
It was expressed satisfaction that Azerbaijani athletes can train at this academy comfortably.
At the end of the meeting, the members of the “Karabakh” club were presented with the uniform of the “NextGen” Football Academy, and the guests were presented with a souvenir with the image of the Maiden Tower.
It should be noted that, “Karabakh” Sports Club in Rotterdam was officially registered in March 2019.