56 countries are represented in the group "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!"

The scope of the group "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" created within the national platform "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" is expanding.
The group, which is active on Facebook, already has members of Azerbaijanis living in 56 countries (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Germany, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Australia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Sweden, Pakistan, etc.)
The purpose of this group is to convey the truth about Karabakh to the international community through Azerbaijani youth living in our country and abroad, and is a constant statement of "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" to the whole world.
It should be noted that a decision was made to establish a national platform “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” on the joint initiative of diaspora volunteers and young diaspora activists living abroad, and work has begun in this direction. As well as, an international section of the national platform "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" formed on the initiative of the "Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers" has been established and a campaign to promote the slogan "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" among the youth of foreign countries has been started. For this purpose, a special video on "Foreign youth also say" Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" has been made.
In a video posted on YouTube channel “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”, young people from Turkey, Chad, India, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Pakistan chanted "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" slogan in different languages.