Video conferences were held within the "Azerbaijan Diaspora Women's Network" project

Video conferences were held on "The role of women and mothers in diaspora activities" and "Entrepreneurship- as a tool to increase women's power" within the framework of the "Azerbaijan Diaspora Women's Network" project.
Some female members of the Azerbaijani diaspora and employees of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora participated in the virtual events.
Munavvar Vahabova, founder and head of the Azerbaijan-American Women's Society and the Azerbaijani House, spoke at the event titled "The role of women and mothers in diaspora activities" moderated by the head of the Friends of Azerbaijan Organization in Nigeria Billura Bayramova and Joyce Williams, a lawyer from the United States, delivered a speech at the video conference moderated by Mehriban Ovchuyeva, a lawyer in Strasbourg, France.
Ms. Vahabova praised the role of women in the diaspora and noted that they have achieved great success in this field. She noted that historically, Azerbaijani women have successfully developed in science, education and other fields. "Our women in the diaspora are very altruistic and active. "The role of our women in promoting our national and moral values and conveying the truth about Azerbaijan to local communities is undeniable," she said.
Joyce Williams spoke about the development of women's entrepreneurship, the growing role of women entrepreneurs in the socio-economic sphere, as well as the diaspora acticity of African women entrepreneurs in the United States, their role in promoting their country.
The video conferences ended with answering numerous questions of participants,their comments and suggestions.
It should be noted that, the Azerbaijan Diaspora Women's Network project was launched in June 2020 at the initiative of the State Committee.
The network was established to bring together Azerbaijani women represented in the Azerbaijani diaspora, working in various fields and belonging to different age groups.