We are ready to contribute as much as we can to the liberation of Azerbaijani territories

These words were said during a rally in Israel for support to the Azerbaijani state and army.
It should be noted that, a rally was held in Tel Aviv -Yafo, Israel, to protest against the recent military provocations of Armenia and to support the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which bravely prevented the treacherous attack of the enemy.
About 600 Azerbaijani compatriots took part in the action organized by the Azerbaijani House in Israel. Among them were people from the Israeli cities of Carmiel, Acre, Craiot, Bath-yam, Holon, and Rishon Le Zion.
During the rally, the national flags of Azerbaijan and Israel were waved, pictures of our martyrs killed during the battles for the territorial integrity of our country and posters with various slogans were displayed, and the National Anthem of Azerbaijan was performed.
Then, the protesters gathered in front of the Armenian Church strongly condemned the aggressive policy of Armenia. The speakers reiterated that Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 adjacent regions are Azerbaijani lands and expressed their support for the independent Azerbaijani state. They demanded the Israeli government and the world community to take decisive steps to severely punish Armenia, which committed such a terrible genocide as Khojaly, to liberate Azerbaijani lands and restore the territorial integrity of our country.
During the rally slogans such as “Shoot, go trench, Azerbaijani soldier! ", "Martyrs will not die, the Homeland will not be divided! ","Stop Armenian terror! ","Stop Armenian aggression! ","Karabakh is Azerbaijan! ", "Karabakh is ours and will be ours ","Justice for Khojaly " ! "," If you call me, I will come, long live native Azerbaijan! "," I will die for you, long live Azerbaijan! " and expressions such as "Azerbaijan!", "Israel!" were chanted.
The rally, controlled by local police, ended with a reading of the statement.
The statement said that members and leaders of the Azerbaijani House in Israel, as well as members of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Israel, strongly condemn and protest against the provocative military provocations committed by the Armenian occupier armed forces on our state border in the direction of Tovuz. It was noted that Armenian occupiers withdrew and suffered heavy losses by the retaloatory fire of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
Our compatriots, in particular, stressed that the Israelis, originally from Azerbaijan, are proud of the success and heroism of the Azerbaijani army.
"Today, a new generation of our diaspora has been brought up in Israel, ready to show self-sacrifice and heroism for the sake of Azerbaijan. We, all Jews, originally from Azerbaijan, are ready to contribute as much as we can to such a sacred cause as the liberation of Azerbaijani territories that have been under Armenian occupation for more than 28 years. "