The Azerbaijani student took third place at the “Kurchatov” Olympiad in Russia

Azerbaijani Ruslan Aliyev, who lives in Russia, won the All-Russian “Kurchatov” Olympiad on Physics.
According to the website of the Federal Service for State Registration of Russia, Ruslan Aliyev, a student of the 8th grade of Moscow secondary school No. 2033, scored 46 out of 50 possible points in the final stage of the competition and took third place. Ruslan Aliyev was born on March 28, 2005 in Moscow in the family of Azerbaijani businessman Talat Aliyev. Our young compatriot is especially interested in physics and mathematics.
It should be noted that, the All-Russian “Kurchatov” Olympiad is a prestigious intellectual competition held annually since 2012. Students in grades 6-11 can participate in this Olympiad. Among the organizers of the Olympiad are the “Kurchatov Institute” Research Center, the Moscow City Education Department, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and St. Petersburg State University. One of the main goals is to reveal the interest of students in scientific activities, to attract the most talented students to study at the leading technical universities of the country. The Olympiad is included in the list of the Russian School Olympiads Council and has the first level in physics and the second level in mathematics.
We congratulate our young compatriot and his parents his success in this prestigious knowledge contest and wish him even greater success in his future scientific careers.