"Karabakh is Azerbaijan!"national platform is launched at the international level

An international wing of the “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” national platform, formed at the initiative of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers, has been established and a campaign has been launched to promote the slogan “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” among the youth of foreign countries. For this purpose, a plot on "Foreign youth say" Karabakh is Azerbaijan! " has been prepared.
In a video posted on "Karabakh is Azerbaijan" YouTube channel, young people from Turkey, Chad, India, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Pakistan chanted "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" slogan in their native language. They also condemned Armenia's aggressive policy, terrorism and violence acts against Azerbaijan. They stressed their support for Azerbaijan, their demand for justice for our country, and the need for a peaceful end to Armenia's aggressive policy.
It is planned to continue the project with the youth of other countries.
It should be noted that, the video conference on "Support of diaspora activity to the state policy of Azerbaijan" initiated by the Reform Volunteers Organization under the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan also praised the work of young people who united around “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" platform , diaspora volunteers and Azerbaijani diaspora youth.
It should be noted that, Karabakh is Azerbaijan! National Platform was established by the Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers and present, consistent work is being done to improve the platform's activities, including the involvement of Azerbaijani youth living in the country and around the world.