The national flag of Azerbaijan was hoisted in the center of Calgary, Canada

A rally of members of the Azerbaijani community for support to independent Azerbaijani state and our army was organized in Calgary, Canada on July 31.
The rally, organized by the Alberta-Azerbaijan Cultural Society (ALACS), began with the hoisting of our tricolor national flag in front of the building of Calgary Municipality. Relevant permission was obtained from the mayor's office to wave the flag within 24 hours.
In the second part of the day, a march was held in front of the Olympic Plaza to the square where the national flag of Azerbaijan was hoisted.
In accordance with the rules of quarantine due to the pandemic, 60 of our compatriots joined the march. During the rally, the national flags of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Canada were waved, and posters with pictures of our martyrs killed during the Armenian military provocations, various slogans and information were displayed. The national anthem of Azerbaijan was performed and slogans such as "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "Stop Armenian aggression!", "Long live Azerbaijan!", "Martyrs will not die, the Motherland will not be divided!" were chanted during the action.
The event ended with a minute of silence in memory of our servicemen who died heroically on the Tovuz front. In accordance with the rules of quarantine, our compatriots came to the mayor's office during the day and took pictures against the background of the national flag of Azerbaijan, expressing solidarity with our country.