Various actions were held in Turkey for support to Azerbaijan

Actions for support to our country are being carried out in Turkey in protest of the provocations committed by the Armenian armed forces and the continuation of Armenia’s aggressive policy on the state border in the direction of the Tovuz region of Azerbaijan.
On July 23, the event titled "We are one nation, two states. We are soldiers of the Azerbaijani-Turkish army. ” was held in front of Ankara's Kechioren Municipality. The action was attended by members of Kecioren Municipality, representatives of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation, Azerbaijanis living in Ankara and representatives of the local community.
Head of the Municipality Turgut Altinok, head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Interparliamentary Friendship Group Shamil Ayrim, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Turkey Khazar Ibrahim, chairman of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation, Professor Aygun Attar spoke at the rally. The speakers reminded that July 23 is the 27th anniversary of the occupation of Azerbaijan's Aghdam region by Armenia. It was stated that not only Karabakh, but all our territories bordering on Armenia are always under Armenian attack.
The action, which took place at the Republic Square in Kayseri, Turkey was organized by the Turan association and attended by 53 non-governmental organizations. Representatives of the communities of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Northern Cyprus participated in the rally for support to Azerbaijan.
Teachers of Arjiyaz University in Kayseri, Azerbaijani intellectuals and students took part in the action where the slogans such as "7 states, one nation, don’t be silent, rebel, let this humiliation end!", " Karabakh, or death!", "Karabakh is Turkish land!"were chanted.
During the rally, detailed information was provided about the historical lands of Azerbaijan, the aggressive policy and the latest provocations of Armenia were condemned, the memory of the martyrs of the Turkic world was commemorated with great respect.
Actions were held in support of the Azerbaijani Army in Trabzon, Adapazari Democracy Square in Sakarya, and in Freedom Square in Istanbul's Bakirkoy district in Turkey.
Our martyrs who died on the Tovuz front were commemorated, Armenia's aggressive policy was condemned and the slogans such as "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "Stop Armenian agression!", "Martyrs will not die, the homeland will not be divided!", "Justice for Khojaly!" were chanted at the rallies attended by our compatriots, as well as, numerous members of the local community.
A joint statement by Regai Jiran, head of the Sakarya branch of the Turkish State Employees' Development and Solidarity Foundation, and Vugar Nasirov, head of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Brotherhood Platform at Sakarya University, protested against Armenia's policy of aggression and genocide. Despite the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territory by Armenia and the killing of thousands of people, world community remains indifferent to this atrocity.
A statement from the Khazar Folklore Education and Research Center said that Armenia, which has grossly violated human rights, should be punished in international courts as soon as possible. This is evidenced by the piracy of the Armenian diaspora in protests against the policy of terrorism and violence in various countries around the world.