The statement of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora

Azerbaijanis living in the different countries of the world started organized protest rallies against Armenian aggression, Armenian provocation conducted in the direction of Tovuz region on Azerbaijan-Armenia border. It is a gratifying situation that demonstrating strong unity, our compatriots demand from world countries and international organizations to liberate Azerbaijani territories from occupation and stop Armenian aggression. After Azerbaijani Army giver a decent answer to Armenia’s military provocations, the start of mass, civilized, permitted actions by our compatriots in the international area, has caused serious concern to Armenians around the world, as in front. Armenia’s deceiving states of the world for long years are being exposed thanks to unity of our compatriots, the real truths are revealed to the world on the basis of real facts.
Our compatriots addressed dozens of appeals to the UN, OSCE and other international organizations, as well as official circles of the world's leading countries to stop Armenia's aggressive policy and provocations, and Azerbaijanis living in 25 countries made 84 statements.
As a result of the activity of our compatriots, 94 articles and news were published in 24 countries in 18 languages, and tens of thousands information reflecting the truth were shared on social networks. In total, 58 protest rallies were held in 26 countries with the participation of more than 20,000 compatriots.
Armenians getting infuriated with such slogans voiced in the world countries as “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”, “Karabakh is ours and will be ours!”, “Put an end to Armenia’s occupational policy”, and exposure of their lies attempt to continue their insidious intentions on the international arena as well.
The Armenians organize unauthorized campaigns in front of Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions functioning in various countries, try to commit provocations in the authorized campaigns organized by Azerbaijanis. Regretfully, sometimes the barbarism of Armenians result in sustaining of injury by our compatriots, damaging of their personal property, infliction of material damage to the diplomatic missions, and the adequate response is being given to this.
We note that, according to the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, we are in regular contact with our compatriots, all possible steps are being taken to restore their violated rights within the laws of their countries and international law, as well as to eliminate material and other damage. We call on our compatriots to be vigilant and express our readiness to support them.
The State Committee on Work with Diaspora expresses its deep gratitude to our compatriots living abroad for unmasking the Armenian lies, Armenia's aggressive policy, and the self-discipline demonstrated in conveying the provocations to the world and the international community. Azerbaijanis living abroad intend to continue allowed actions within the laws of the countries where they live to liberate Azerbaijani lands from occupation and put an end to Armenian provocations, and it has been applied for permission to hold rallies in 14 other countries.
As well as, our compatriots must continue to fight in the legal level and the number of statements and appeals addressed to international organizations must be further increased. We must express our thoughts in the world media, convey the provocations committed by Armenia in the Azerbaijani lands, the facts of occupation with full and accurate information.
We understand that the World Azerbaijanis raise their voices in every direction, consider it expedient for Azerbaijanis to bring to the legal level in the countries where they live by exposing the provocative actions and atrocities of the Armenians, and we call our compatriots not to succumb to the Armenian provocations.