Azerbaijani youth make #KarabakhisAzerbaijan, #StopArmenianAgression hashtags a world trend

Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers and Diaspora youth have reacted angrily to Armenia's treacherous military provocations on the state border of Azerbaijan and the spread of misinformation on social media at a time when all conflicts and wars have ceased due to the global pandemic.
Azerbaijani youth living in different countries and unified in "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" platform Initiated by Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers has been sharing information, reflecting the truth about the provocation committed by Armenia on the state border of our country since July 13 on social networks, in particular on Twitter.
Young people shared thousands of photos, videos and other information about the realities of Nagorno-Karabakh, the atrocities committed by Armenians in Karabakh and surrounding areas, the current provocations on the frontline on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #KarabakhisAzerbaijan, #Karabakh, #StopArmenianAgression, #StopArmenianOccupation. Azerbaijani youth shared about 100,000 posts using such hashtags. Owing to the unity and solidarity of youth living in our country and abroad, the hashtags mentioned on Twitter during July 14-15 have become a world trend.
Recall that, YouTube channel, "Karabakh Is Azerbaijan!" has been created on Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers' initiative. Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers, together with Diaspora youth, make videos about the realities of Karabakh - its history, culture, music, personalities, population, traditions, nature, cuisine, etc. in English, Russian and other languages, and broadcast them on the channel. The aim is to draw the international community's attention to the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and to reiterate the truth to the world in different languages.