The Azerbaijani diaspora prevented the Armenian provocation in Poland

On July 16, unpermitted protests by Armenian vandals were prevented in front of the building of Azerbaijani Embassy in Poland.
Chairman of the Council of Poland Azerbaijanis Farid Jafarov said that he informed the embassy about the calls of groups created by Armenians living in this country on social media to organize an unauthorized rally and commit acts of vandalism in front of the building of Azerbaijani embassy in Warsaw on July 16. The Azerbaijani embassy immediately warned the local police about the impending provocation.
Members of the Council of Poland Azerbaijanis, the Coordination Council of Poland Azerbaijanis and the Association of Poland Azerbaijanis, as well as Azerbaijani youth studying in this country and Polish friends of our compatriots gathered in front of our embassy. Thus, about 200 young Azerbaijanis with Azerbaijani flags blocked the way of 30 Armenians who wanted to commit acts of vandalism in front of the Azerbaijani embassy.
Seeing that our youth surrounded the embassy building, the Armenians could not carry out the planned provocation. Despite the fact that the local police took a position among the protesters, our compatriots obstructed the Armenians who tried to approach the building and took the Armenian flags and threw them to the ground. The police immediately removed the Armenians from the area.
Our patriotic compatriots raised posters with slogans protesting against the provocation in the Tovuz region, the occupation of our lands by Armenia, performed the national anthem of Azerbaijan, the "Soldier's March" and chanted slogans.
Stressing their support for the Azerbaijani Army, the protesters said they were ready for the mobilization announced by President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev at any time to ensure the territorial integrity of our country and liberate our lands from occupation. The event was broadcast live on social media: