A video conference dedicated to the 18th anniversary of the State Committee was held

An international video conference dedicated to the 18th anniversary of the establishment of State Committee on Work with Diaspora was held on July 4.
The virtual event, moderated by Chairman of the State Committee Fuad Muradov and member of the Milli Majlis, academician Rafael Huseynov, was attended by well-known scientists and cultural figures living abroad and in our country, heads of diaspora organizations, Azerbaijani houses, Azerbaijani weekend schools operating in different countries and diaspora representatives.
The event began with the music - the Diaspora anthem dedicated to Azerbaijanis around the world (lyrics by Rafael Huseynov and music by Faig Sujaddinov).
Welcoming the participants, Rafael Huseynov said that the establishment of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora has entered the socio-political life of the country as a significant event. The unity and organization of the Azerbaijani diaspora is a very important and necessary factor.
Chairman of the State Committee Fuad Muradov congratulated the participants of the event and each of our compatriots who contributed to the diaspora movement on this significant event. Reminding that this organization was established at the initiative of prominent statesman Heydar Aliyev, the speaker said that President Ilham Aliyev successfully continues the diaspora policy founded by the great leader for the unification of Azerbaijanis around the world around the same cause and goal.
He noted that since its establishment, the activities of the State Committee have been of special importance, important work and various projects have been implemented to unite and organize the diaspora. Calling the members of the diaspora "our strong potential abroad", the chairman of the committee stressed the importance of using this potential properly to achieve goals. He noted that over the past years, Coordination Councils have been established and Azerbaijani houses have been put into operation in order to unite and organize our compatriots living abroad and become a great power capable of protecting the interests of our state.
The importance of the activities of diaspora organizations and representatives to delivering the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to the world community, the organized fight against anti-Azerbaijani forces trying to damage the reputation of our country, the activity demonstrated in the current coronavirus pandemic was highly praised, attention was drawn to the charitable actions of Azerbaijani houses, Coordination Councils, Azerbaijani schools, and the transformation of Azerbaijani houses into asylums for our compatriots in order to provide material and moral support to our compatriots facing temporary difficulties abroad. Detailed information on the appeals to the State Committee was also provided.
The event continued with the demonstration of a report video on the activities of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and the providing information about the awarding of 7 compatriots for their special activities in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Rafael Huseynov, the author of serious and detailed research on the Azerbaijani diaspora, called the well-known members of the diaspora "bridges between Azerbaijan and foreign countries" and "persons with a special role in establishing contacts," noting that their activities are highly valued in our country. "What you are doing today is obvious, but it will be clearer from the heights of the future"-the moderator stressed.
Almost every Azerbaijani participating in the video conference from the United States, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Austria, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Estonia, France, Italy, Thailand, Georgia, Spain and a number of other countries had the opportunity to speak. Delivering speech at the event, our compatriots spoke about the history of emigration, their support for the diaspora policy of the independent Azerbaijani state, and the state's sensitive attitude, attention, care, moral and material support to our compatriots during the new coronavirus pandemic, the support of our country to Azerbaijanis, their acceptance of the State Committee as a home, and a number of other issues.
During the discussions, our compatriots made a number of interesting comments and suggestions. Ahmed Obali, who lives in the United States, asked the authors for support to play the diaspora anthem on GunAZ TV, which he founded.
The international video conference ended with an artistic part. Conductor, composer, pianist, Honored Artist Turan Manafzade, who lives in Turkey, performed at the artistic part of the event. The well-known singer also presented a music dedicated to the activities of the State Committee, Azerbaijanis around the world and everyone who loves Azerbaijan.