On the eve of the Republic Day on May 28, new radio programs are launched for World Azerbaijanis

A systematic and consistent information policy mechanism to protect the language and thought of World Azerbaijanis, their networking, strengthening their relations with our country and each other has established at the multimedia center of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora.
Diaspora TV and Diaspora FM, which have been operating for the last two years, broadcast interviews with hundreds of our compatriots living abroad, the diaspora program "Homeland is not far away" was filmed in the United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Georgia, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, France, Hungary and a number of other countries, the diaspora policy of our country has been widely promoted.
The implemented projects are aimed at informing our compatriots living abroad and helping their integration into the communities where they live in, as well as to prevent their assimilation as an Azerbaijani.
For this purpose, Diaspora FM operating under the Committee launches weekly programs such as "Heirs of the Republic", "History of the Azerbaijani diaspora", "Karabakh: Real History", "Azerbaijani Houses Abroad", "Diaspora organizations", "Azerbaijani Schools in the World".
New programs can become a reliable and rich source for the Azerbaijani diaspora, especially the new generation, to acquire our national values, to get detailed information about history, culture, personalities of Azerbaijan, the Karabakh problem and so on.
Diaspora FM will launch projects on the eve of May 28 Republic Day.