The Azerbaijani diaspora in Kostroma will continue to provide assistance to veterans

The Azerbaijani diaspora in Kostroma region of Russia has decided to provide regular assistance to war and sports veterans even after the end of the declared social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Azerbaijan National Cultural Autonomy operating in Kostroma, "Olympic Council of Kostroma region", "Kostroma Sports Development Fund", "Galich" Azerbaijan National-Cultural Autonomy, "Bakililar" cultural-educational club, "Unity of Peoples - Friendship House", "People’s Assembly of Kostroma", the Islamic Cultural Center, and the “Multinational Kostroma” established a Support Headquarters of Volunteers on April 2, 2020, to provide assistance to war and sports veterans, as well as low-income families, who have been faced temporarily difficulties due to the new coronavirus pandemic.
Head of the headquarters, Chairman of the Azerbaijan National-Cultural Autonomy in Kostroma and the “Olympic Council of Kostroma Region” Kamran Babayev said that a list of veterans, coaches, referees and low-income families has been determined to provide assistance. Then, 80 food packages containing the necessary products were delivered directly to the addresses with the help of volunteers. Food packages include canned meat and fish, various cereals, sunflower oil, fruits and vegetables, tea and etc.
It should be noted that, the headquarters also pays special attention and care to World War II veterans living alone in social isolation.