A short film competition has been announced in Georgia

A short film competition has been announced on the basis of a joint project of the “Era Theater” which is part of Azerbaijani community organizations operating in Georgia and Integration Center of Georgian Azerbaijanis.
May 27, 2020 is the deadline for submitting films to the competition. Those who want to participate in the competition before this date can send their films to erateatri@gmail.com .
According to the terms of the competition, the duration of the film in any subject and genre should be a maximum of 3 minutes. Topics targeting religious values, ethnic identity and political ideologies will not be included in the competition. Films shared on social media prior to the project or found to be plagiarized will also be excluded.
Any Georgian citizen, regardless of age, who is not a member of the “Era Theater”, can participate in the competition. To ensure transparency, the organizers have stated that members of the “Era Theater” will not participate in the competition.
The winning films will be selected by judges and audience. The winners of the first, second and third places of the competition will be awarded 250, 150 and 100 GEL, respectively.