Aid was sent to our compatriots in Sagarejo and Lagodekhi regions of Georgia

Azerbaijani houses and individual Azerbaijani community organizations established abroad with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora continue to support low-income and vulnerable groups in the period of social isolation within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.
This time, the Integration Center of Georgian Azerbaijanis (ICGA) provided food aid to 200 low-income Azerbaijani families living in the Sagarejo and Lagodekhi regions of the country. The ICGA leadership first sent a letter to the mayors of Sagarejo and Lagodekhi, Giorgi Erbodzonashvili and Condo Mdivnishvili, informing them that assistance would be provided. Then, they contacted with the head of the health and social affairs department of the Sagarejo mayor's office Sofia Shakarashvili, as well as the head of municipality of Lagodekhi Carlo Samburia.
Sofia Shakarashvili and ICGA signed a handover act and 100 food packages were handed over to Sagarejo City Hall on May 1. On May 5, the food packages were handed over to the Culture House with the participation of the mayor and representatives of the municipality of Lagodekhi.
Each food package for 200 families includes flour, rice, pasta, vermicelli, buckwheat, powdered sugar, sugar, sunflower oil, salt and tea and other necessary foods.
The municipality of Lagodekhi and the mayor's office of Sagarejo thanked ICGA for the charity events organized during this difficult period on their Facebook pages.
It should be noted that, earlier, ICGA provided assistance to Azerbaijani families living in Marneuli (250 families), Bolnisi (150 families) and Telavi (100 families) regions of the country.
It also should be noted that, ICGA started operating in the Marneuli region of Georgia on April 3, 2019 with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora.