The State Committee continues to provide assistance to Azerbaijani citizens in Minsk

22 Azerbaijani citizens who could not return home from the Republic of Belarus have been accommodated in hotels since April 6 and their normal life has been fully ensured with the financial support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora. Our compatriots in Minsk appealed to the State Committee for the second time due to the expiration of their stay in the hotel.
The State Committee helped them for extending their stay at the hotel and paid all expenses until April 30. Elman Khankishiyev, who is currently in Minsk informed about the situation of 22 citizens there. He said: "At this difficult time, our state supported us materially and morally. The State Committee on Work with Diaspora has provided us with a place to stay and all our needs have been met. We thank the leadership of our state for the attention and care".
It should be noted that, most of the 22 people are our compatriots who came to Minsk from different countries to return to Azerbaijan