A roundtable dedicated to Youth Day was organized at the Academy of Public Administration

A roundtable titled “Volunteerism - patriotism school, an example of service to the people and the state” was held at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the occasion of February 2 - Youth Day.
Bakhtiyar Rahimov, coordinator on the “Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers” program, member of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and representatives of the “Azerbaijani Diaspora Volunteers” program also attended the event.
Rector of the Academy of Public Administration, Academician Urkhan Alakbarov, Dean of the faculty of political governance, doctor of political sciences, professor Elchin Ahmadov and the member of the SCWD Bakhtiyar Rahimov delivered speech.
It was noted that after the restoration of state independence, Azerbaijan has made significant progress, sustainable and inclusive development in all spheres of state building. In the speeches it was emphasized that Azerbaijan, as a reforming country, is constantly striving for innovation and modernity. The purposeful and consistent policy, as well as the measures taken to improve the welfare of the country's citizens, are the examples of it. It was noted that volunteerism is a big part of social activity in our country in recent years, and Azerbaijan plays a special role in the promotion and development of volunteering. The speakers noted that there are special services of volunteer youth in the achievements of our country.