Diaspora organizations in Europe protest the provocative calls for our country

The next provocative call of the anti-Azerbaijani forces in Europe to our country has caused resentment by the diaspora organizations operating on this continent.
Statements made by the Azerbaijanis living in the Baltic States, the Azerbaijani diaspora organizations in Switzerland, the Coordination Councils of of Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium Azerbaijanis to the State Committee on Work with Diaspora tells that it is inadmissible to make calls to destabilize stability in our homeland.
The appeal states: “The socio-economic and political stability in the Republic of Azerbaijan worries those who do not love our country. At different times, these concerns show themselves in different forms. A group of people who do not love Azerbaijan calls for the destabilization of the country on the basis of orders from the Armenian forces. A group of people calling themselves the AND movement has issued a statement stating that they will start demonstrations in front of the Azerbaijani embassies in Europe. Regardless of the country in which we live, our socio-economic and political status, Azerbaijan is the home of all of us. The development, stability and recognition of the homeland in the international arena is very important for anyone with a national sense. ”