Influential “Le Matin Dimanche” journal of Switzerland writes on final of UEFA Europa League in Baku

In an article titled "Baku wants to strengthen its position in football with strong support" informed on final match of UEFA Europa League on May 29 in Baku, as well as, the Euro 2020 that will be held in our capital and cooperation between SOCAR and UEFA.
The article highlightes that Azerbaijan pays great attention the the football field such as Russia, Qatar, China and the UAE in recent years. As well as, the views of the first Azerbaijani researcher-doctorate in Geneva University expert Tural Aliyev.on urbanism and urban planning were stressed in the article.
According to T. Aliyev, the holding of the final of Europa League in Baku is a pride for the people of Azerbaijan, as it strengthens a strategic approachement between Azerbaijan and Europe.
He said FIFA and UEFA want to create opportunities for all countries in recent years: “For this purpose, Azerbaijan can play a more important role in football, not just the UK or Spain. Imagine that, about 30 years ago during the demolition of the Berlin Wall, our country faced chaos and war, and as a result, 20% of its territory was occupied. But since 2005 Azerbaijan wants to write its own success story for its oil revenues. International events are a great opportunity to demonstrate the achievements. According to me, Azerbaijan combines bridge functions between Europe and Asia locating at the intersection of Muslim and Christian civilizations”- researcher of Geneva University has said.
It should be noted that, The “Le Matin Dimanche” magazine is one of Switzerland's most prominent press agencies. The number of its readers is over 500,000.