Azerbaijani school was opened in Nantes, France

On April 20, 2019, there was an opening ceremony of the Azerbaijani school in Nantes, France. This school was established upon instructions and recommendations from Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Vise-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the President of the “Heydar Aliyev Foundation”, in Nantes, an area with high concentration of Azerbaijanis. The residence which was rent for the school was rehabilitated within three months by support of Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis of France and Azerbaijani community in France.
Over 90 Azerbaijanis living in this country joined the opening ceremony of the educational institution called "Karabakh” school. Before the opening of the school, children from 25 families living in the nearest areas were already enrolled for the school as pupils.
Fuad Muradov chairman of the State Committee on Affairs with Diaspora, Eldar Mammadov, counsellor to the Azerbaijani embassy in France for political affairs, Ebrar Cubukcu, Turkish Consul General in Nantes, Zaur Farhadov secretary of the Azerbaijani embassy in France for consular issues, Togrul Zeynalov, coordinator of the Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis of France – head of the Association of the Culture of Azerbaijanis of France, which operates in Nantes, chairmen and representatives of the Coordination Council’s member-organizations of the Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis of France attended the opening ceremony.
It must be noted that this is the first major project involving representatives of embassies, as well as representatives of Coordination Council.
In the opening ceremony, Fuad Muradov pointed out the importance of opening “Karabakh” school which was established upon the instructions from Mehriban Aliyeva and ensuring sustainability such successful projects.
The chairman also noted that “Karabakh” given as a name of school holds a political meaning and there is a need in ensuring wide dissemination of such schools.
Moreover, he highlighted the importance of joint cooperation between representatives of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora.
Elbar Chubukchu, Turkish Consul General in Nantes, while addressing a congratulatory message, pointed out the opening of the school as a significant step.
He also emphasized that Turkish association that operates near the school is able to establish close ties in the future.
In the opening ceremony dedicated to the establishment of the school, whoever was delivering speeches, pointed out the value of such kind of step.
Participants of the ceremony expressed their confidence that the policy of the President Ilham Aliyev will bring success in the future.
Library,which operates in the newly established school, contains books about our country in Azerbaijani and French languages, and plans to be enriched with other materials provided on the part of the State Committee.
In the openning ceremony, children dressed in traditional costumes read poems, danced to the “Sari Gelin” music and performed “Yally” dance. Then, ceremonial cake-cutting took place.