Another Armenian provocation was prevented in Estonia

A book exhibition was held at the National Library of Estonia. The books and maps distorting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan were demonstrated at the exhibition. "Northern Artsakh" book and a map showing the Ganja-Gazakh zone as an Armenian territory are examples for it. In this regard, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijani to the Republic of Estonia and representatives of diaspora organizations met with the leaders of the National Library. It was reminded that Estonia is one of the countries that recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Managers of the National Library were said that these resources should be removed from the exhibition. As a result of these efforts, the books garbling the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan were removed from the exhibition and representatives of Armenia apologized for their actions. Books showing the true essence of the so-called Armenian genocide presented by the Azerbaijani diaspora organizations, our compatriots to the National were also displayed at the exhibition.