The leadership of the European Azerbaijanis Congress met with the Georgian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands

President of the European Azerbaijanis Congress (EAC) Sahil Gasimov and the Chairman of the Benelux Azerbaijanis Congress, who is also Board member of EAC, Elsevar Mammadov met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, George Sharvashidze.
Gasimov stressed that the erecting monument to Armenian Mikhail Avagyan who participated in the violation of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in the settlement Bugashen of Akhalkalaki, caused concern of ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Europe. According to him, there is a strategic alliance between Azerbaijan and Georgia, and to preserve the fraternal relations of our peoples such cases must be prevented.
Georgi Sharvashidze spoke about the strength of the friendship between Azerbaijan and Georgia, noting that this friendship has been repeatedly tested by history.
The ambassador mentioned that relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia had a long history and these relations were developed successfully in different spheres. He also said that the case about erecting monument has been investigated.
During the conversation with the Ambassador, Sahil Gasimov reminded the joint communique signed by the Presidents of GUAM countries - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in Strasbourg on October 10, 1997, stressing the necessity of the joint activities of the Georgian and Azerbaijani diasporas in Europe.
Then, the leaders of Azerbaijani diaspora organisations and the chairwoman of the "Bagration" organization of Georgia in Europe, Maya Adiashvili discussed the mentioned issue. Maya Adiashvili expressed that she considered the issue as an unimaginable action and hoped for quick resolution. M.Adiashvili promised to pass the concerns of European Azerbaijanis to relevant authorities in her country.