Azerbaijani scientist’s article on 20 January tragedy was widely covered in the Egyptian press

Chairman of “Vatanparvar” Azerbaijani Diaspora Organizations Association in Egypt , researcher Seymur Nasirov's article entitled " Victims for freedom of Azerbaijan in Balck January" was published in “elfagr.com, shbabalnil.com, asiaelyoum.com, embassy-news.com, wwnewss.com, elwatanelmasry.com, m.ahwalelbald.com" and other websites of Egypt.
The author gives detailed information on the history of the 20 January tragedy in article. It is noted that, a terrible massacre of civilians was committed by the Soviet army in Baku on the night of January 19-20, 1990. One of the main goals of this bloody incident was to break down the will of the Azerbaijani people, who claimed their rightful demands, demanded independence, liberty, sovereignty, and crush the people's desires of independence under the tank. Although the blood of innocent people had been shed and unprecedented cruelty was committed against our people, Soviet empire did not succeed their desire.
The article emphasizes that the crime committed against the Azerbaijani people twenty-nine years ago is a terrible terror act against humanity and mankind. Hundreds of innocent people had been killed brutally and cruelly as a result of punishment imposed with unprecedented brutality. Among the people who were killed were women, children, and elder people.
The diaspora leader notes that this double standard policy against the Azerbaijani people is also reflected in the book of "Al-Hag al-Murr" (The Bitter Truth), by the Egyptian scientist Sheikh Mohammed al-Ghazaly.
The article also stresses that Egyptian MPs and the Egyptian press strongly condemned the brutality against the Azerbaijani people during the 20 January incidents. This fact is a clear example of friendship and brotherhood relations between our nations.
At the end of the article it is noted that inspite of the fact that a few years has passed since those bloody days, Azerbaijani people always remember that terrible night, wait for the day when the perpetrators will face justice.