The Azerbaijani diaspora organized an international conference in Moscow

An international conference was held at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M.Gubkin on 140th anniversary of exploitation of “Balakhani-Black City” first oil pipeline and "Russia-Azerbaijan. Development of World oil industry. Events and People " dedicated to 90th jubilee of prominent scientist, State Prize Laureate, Honored scientist and technician, academician Azad Mirzajanzade. The event was organized by the Azerbaijani diaspora, the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, the International Shukhov Foundation and the National Chamber of Engineers of Russia.
Rector of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas Victor Martynov delivered an opening remark and called Baku one of the centers of oil production in the world. Speaking about the history of oil production in Baku, the rector talked about the development of cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan in this field: “There is no time limit of friendly relations between our nations, and we hope that these relations will be further strengthened”.
V.Martynov spoke about the importance of the scientific heritage of academician A.Mirzajanzade in the training of young specialists in the oil and gas industry and said that auditorium named after famous scientist will be created in the Russian State University of Oil and Gas: “ We plan to create an auditorium named after oilman- scientist A.Mirzajanzade in our university in 2019. I think it will help young professionals to have more knowledge about the founders of oil and gas science”.
Ambassador of Azerbaijan Republic to Russia, Polad Bulbuloglu, emphasized that Baku oil supplied battle-front with fuel during Great Patriotic War: "All military commanders, including Georgy Zhukov, have always reminded that if there was no Baku oil, it would not have been known how the war would end.
According to the ambassador, the prominent personalities of our oil history have inherited a platform that is a model of mutual activity and cooperation, and like the artists, oil workers, always maintain their cooperation regardless of political conditions. P. Bulbuloglu noted that the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev personally acquainted with A.Mirzajanzade and always supported his activity. The Ambassador said, " Of course, we are glad to support the idea of giving the name of a prominent scientist to one of the auditoriums of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. I think we will initiate to establish a scholarship named after A.Mirzajanzade”.
Professor , academician of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Fazil Gurbanov spoke about the history of the first pipeline constructed between Balakhani and “Black City” refineries in Azerbaijan in 1878. F.Gurbanov highly appreciated the scientific activity of academician A.Mirzajanzade, and said that the scientist, who was engaged in scientific and pedagogical activity, had great services in the training of highly qualified personnel: “He was an author of 400 scientific works, more than 50 inventions and patents. Optimization of oil and gas extraction processes, making and using of dynamic methods of offshore oil fields are among the major scientific achievements of the scientist”.
Then representatives of some Russian scientific and public organizations delivered speeches. The conference continued its work in the sections.