Meeting held with Azerbaijanis living in Turkey

A meeting" organized by the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs was held in Istanbul on "Meeting with the Azerbaijanis Living in Turkey: Plans and Prospects. The meeting was attended by Azerbaijanis living in Turkey, Turkish officials, Azerbaijani youth alumnis and students in Turkey, heads of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations, influential Azerbaijani businessmen, media representatives and other guests.
Participants viewed an exhibition marking the 15th anniversary of death of Heydar Aliyev. The exhibition featured photographs and books reflecting the life and activity of great leader. The meeting began with a minute of silence to honor the national leader, then the national anthems of Azerbaijan and Turkey were played.
Speaking at the event, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs Valeh Hajiyev informed about the measures planned for 2019 and next years. He also emphasized that providing social protection for our compatriots living in Turkey, protection of their rights and freedoms, their integration into the local community are among the main priorities of the State Committee. He also stressed organizing activities in line with contemporary challenges in this direction. The coordination of the activities of the Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations on the basis of a single concept, the acceleration of their organization process, and the necessity of the unified position on the international arena was also mentioned. He also noted that the meeting was aimed at ensuring joint co-operation and solidarity between our compatriots, providing joint activities of diaspora organizations, and organization of joint activities of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations in Turkey.
Dashgin Rajabli, head of the apparatus of the State Committee, spoke about the results of the 2018, work carried out by the State Committee in the recent years, as well as the projects implemented through the ICT to achieve the virtual community of the world's Azerbaijanis. Video clips on other projects have been demonstrated as well.
Murat Kazancı, department head of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and related Communities (PTARC) of the Republic of Turkey recalled the Memorandum of Understanding on the Diaspora policy between the two organizations, establishing cooperation between the State Committee and PTARC. M. Kazancı said that within the framework of cooperation with the Turkish Council, many large projects will be implemented in 2019. Concrete steps have been taken in the field of promoting joint participation of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations, including Turkish-speaking diasporas in terms of common interests and objectives on international platforms, and this will continue, he added.
Honorary Chairman of the Congress of European Azerbaijanis, Member of the World Azerbaijanis Coordinating Council Bashar Komur, Senior Advisor of the Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM), Professor, State Prize Laureate Amrulla Mammadov, highlighted the importance of the scientific achievements of the modern era, the use of ICT opportunities for the development of the diaspora community, the involvement of intellectuals, academics, and the Azerbaijani diaspora at the academic level in this field for the development of the diaspora movement.
Former rector of Giresun University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Aygun Attar spoke about the importance of the meeting in terms of studying the problems and issues of concern to the Azerbaijanis, strengthening of unity and solidarity among them.
The Chairman of the Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation, Professor Akkan Suver, emphasized the importance of high-level cooperation between two countries and energy projects in strengthening their position and bilateral ties in the region and the world community.
Sinan Ogan, member of the 24th convocation of the Turkish Parliament, founder and chairman of the International Relations and Strategic Research Center (TURKSAM) emphasized regular expressions of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations in Turkey in local and international media, cooperation with international organizations, and the importance of protecting the interests of both countries in social networks by youth.
Nationalist Movement Party's candidate for the Igdir municipality, a native of Azerbaijan, Isa Yashar Tazal, said he would take part in the municipal elections in Turkey in 2019 and will continue to focus on the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey and the problems of the Azerbaijanis living in Turkey in his public and political activities.
Then heads of diaspora organizations and other participants made various proposals. One of the proposals was related to the establishment of the Coordination Council for the strengthening of relations and provision of joint activity of diaspora organizations in Turkey. In this regard, a working group was established and the group was entrusted with the implementation of documentation to regulate the activities of the Council. The meeting ended with discussions in the question-and-answer format.