A meeting with young people from Silk Road countries was held at the State Committee

A meeting was held at the State Committee on Work with Diaspora with young people visiting to Azerbaijan to attend the meeting of the Council of Members of “Great Silk Way" International Youth Union held in Baku.
Young people respresenting 16 different countries, members of Union were informed about the activity of the State Committee and opportunities for strengthening the role of youth in diaspora work were discussed. During the meeting, views on strengthening cooperation with youth in the Silk Road geography, implementing joint projects and other issues were exchanged.
“Great Silk Way” International Youth Union was founded on June 27-29, 2012 at the “The Great Silk Way” International Youth Congres held in Baku. The meeting of the Council of Members of the Union is being held in Baku now. The purpose of the event is to promote the development of intercultural dialogue in the historical Silk Road geography, to strengthen ties among young people, to contribute to the integration process and to ensure the Union's activity in the international arena.